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About Us


Meet Dave

Dave Kieft had been in the irrigation industry on and off when his clientele expanded enough to enter irrigation full time and bring Ball Creek Irrigation to life. Dave is a Hunter certified product expert technician, designer, and installer with plenty of tricks up his sleeve. He believes in relationships being the root of good business and calls his clients friends, often making it a point to reciprocate to those clients who are also local business owners. In his spare time, Dave can really never be found. He may be in the woods, on his boat, volunteering with the high school band and drama club, or carrying out his duties on the local DDA or at the Celtic Festival. When he does get some down time it is spent with his wife Chantelle and their three children, Sky, Dek, and Ava.


Meet Sky!

The true spunk and brains behind it all - Sky is proud to work for her dad, Dave, as needed on his projects!  Although she will be graduating and moving on to do great things, dad hopes she'll still come back to spend summers in the family business.


Thank you for your continued support.
--The Kieft Family--


As a family run “mom and pop” organization, Ball Creek thrives on family values, personal convictions, and a strong faith in Christ. You’ll find scripture hidden in our business cards, a hard work ethic from our crew, and professional communication from Dave as a constant reminder that we are blessed by the grace of God and the relationships sown in His name.

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