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Whether you're building a new house, have a leak in your existing irrigation, or need a little more curb appeal for your office, you've come to the right place!
Ball Creek Irrigation Services
New Installation

Our non evasive installations come with a one year limited warranty + five year parts warranty, and includes your first winterization free! Email us today for an assessment.

Existing System Service

Broken lines, diagnostics, yard flooding - whatever the issue, we are available at all hours of the day to ensure you receive the best lawn care.

Spring Start Up/Winterization

Winterizations, spring start-ups, and summer assessments keep your system running smoothly with fewer problems in the long run. 

Sprinkler Options

When covering a large space, underground sprinkling is installed in zones to ensure adequate water coverage with the pressure and volume available from the water source (lake pump or city water). Each zone typically has 3-7 heads depending on pressure and volume, and your system is
designed specifically to your application. On average, you can expect 4 sprinklers per zone, providing overlapping coverage. A typical 8,000 sq. ft yard will end up with about 6 zones and 20-28 sprinkler heads.

We proudly install Hunter's irrigation systems!

As a Hunter supplier, we have access to multiple sprinkler types and designs. Our “stock”sprinkler heads are the PGP Ultra & Hunter Prospray. The PGP Ultra has interchangeable nozzles which
allow us to customize each sprinkler for water flow and output maximizing coverage distance and radius. These are fully adjustable from 0-360°, adjustable for distance (arc), and easily customized. The Hunter ProSpray is used with spray nozzles, or most common in our application, the
water saving MP Rotator. These are fully adjustable from 0-360°, spray a rotating stream of water, and use less volume than the spray nozzles most often pictured with thinking of a spray type head.

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Ball Creek Irrigation installs and replaces irrigation systems with Hunter's products, but will service all systems! Our crew includes Hunter Certified Technicians and a Design Specialist.

Location in your yard and gardens is also key to sprinkler placement and type. The end goal is to develop a happy and healthy lawn with minimal overspray on hardscapes and structures. We understand we are there to beautify your landscape, and not wash your house or stones in the garden. This is especially helpful when your water source is hard (high in iron) with a tendency to leave orange stains on whatever it hits. Of course, we have rust prevention options as well.

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